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We promote crowdfunding in Bosnia and Herzegovina!
We inspire and motivate people to launch crowdfunding campaigns.
We share the skills and knowledge to support people to launch crowdfunding campaigns. 
We build a highly-relevant crowd and showcase crowdfunding campaigns from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We see great potential for 'Počni, ba! Crowdfunding in Bosnia and Herzegovina' to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Bosnia and Herzegovina by working to fill a key funding gap in the business ecosystem. We hope for great things! ”

– Miloš Lazović, Ecosystem Facilitator/MRM, Swiss Entrepreneurship Program at Swisscontact.

“The Crowdfunding in Bosnia and Herzegovina Initiative is very innovative and we at Restart are very excited to see what comes as a result of the initiative’s actions”

– Salih Musić, Managing Director of Restart, a business embassy for diaspora organisations and foreign companies.




Introduction to crowdfunding

Idea development

We don't pretend to teach rocket science.

We do give many of the tools needed to increase the chance of crowdfunding success

and we probably do make life a little easier too. 

Browse our modules and see what we offer!

We offer one-day crowdfunding training workshops

at a range of locations across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Preparing your crowdfunding campaign

The launch and during your campaign

The legal aspects of crowdfunding in Bosnia and Herzegovina

After your campaign



Calculate how many emails you need to increase your success chances. 
Play around with different rewards to optimise your pricing structure. 
Get a idea of what others have done and see what you can learn. 
Make sure you don't forget anything with our checklist. 

A unique smartphone gadget that will make your everyday life much easier.


We are young staffers of the United Nations agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and
we contribute with our time and energy on a voluntary basis for the Initiative! :)

Greg Doane

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Una Mesihović

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Admira Tahirović

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Naida Hadžiabdić

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  • 1492028090_facebook
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© 2017 by Počni, ba

This is the website of the Počni, ba: Crowdfunding u Bosni i Hercegovini initiative. It is a location where all information intended to be public can be published and promoted. Počni, ba is an Initiative driven by young staffers of the United Nations (UN) agencies in BiH who contribute with their time and energy on a voluntary basis. It is supported and financed by the UN agencies in BiH, but the views expressed herein are those of the Počni, ba and do NOT necessarily reflect the views of the UN or any other agency of the UN BiH.

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